Welcome Niagara Families!

Welcome Niagara Families!

In July of 2013 we moved to the Niagara Region from the city of Toronto, where we had lived for decades, and where we were raising our three kids Hannah (10), Ayla (8), and Noah (now 17 months). We landed at our family home just outside of St. Catharines on 30 spectacular acres, just the kind of freedom and fresh air we craved. This country retreat had been in our family for most of the girls’ lives, so we were used to frequent visits before we made the huge decision to make it our full-time home. Once the dust settled, we began to look for ways to experience and enjoy our new stomping grounds as a family. We quickly realized Toronto had spoiled us.

In the sprawling city, there’s an overwhelming amount to see, do, taste, and savour. So many businesses and organizations are vying for attention that we completely took for granted the various online and print resources available to Toronto families. With a few short clicks we could plan a whole weekend of family fun, in any price range, and suited to a wide age gap. Out here, in this beautiful part of the Greenbelt, we really had to roll up our sleeves and get hunting.

Finding family-friendly activities usually consisted of a tedious list of links to multiple websites, with no feedback or information from other families. No reviews or ratings to be found anywhere. Call us lazy, but we wanted to find everything in one place, once we realized how much this beautiful region has to offer.

We created niagarafamilies.com for parents like us – smart, savvy, fun-loving people who love a sense of community and crave engaged, inspired adventures with their kids. Our home base is your own backyard, and we’re serving the entire Niagara Region, bringing you the best family-friendly offerings year round with fun reviews and interviews with business owners and community leaders. Our hope is that you enjoy this site, and make it your own one-stop source for building memories with your loved ones. Comment on our reviews,  or submit your own, share family photos, get in on the conversations we strike up on Facebook and Twitter, and enjoy our Pinterest and Instagram boards. If you have tips, listings, or suggestions please send those to us at info@niagarafamilies.com

Watch for us as our family ventures out in our communities. You’ll spot our niagarafamilies.com logo, so please don’t be shy, come and say hello and let us know which Niagara events and activities your family enjoys most!